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How can you uninstall from computer?

Hopefully, you can uninstall program through Windows Add/ Remove Programs.

Uninstall on Windows 7 and Vista
1. Click Start.


2. Select Control Panel.


3. Select Programs.


4. Click Programs and Features.
5. Select the you want to uninstall by clicking on it, and then click the Uninstall button.


Uninstall on Windows XP
1. Click Start.

start menu_xp.JPG

2. Select Control Panel.


3. Click the Add/Remove Programs control panel icon.


4. The Add/Remove control panel displays a list of software on your system. Select that you want to uninstall by clicking on it, and then click the Remove button.


Don't forget to delete the shortcuts and leftover entries with the following steps. This removal is not great enough to thoroughly delete the This removal has only

uninstalled the main components of the without removing all the additional pieces when it's updated.
Step1: Go into Windows Explorer, find the Desktop folder in your profile (not too difficult, in XP its Documents and Settings\yourusername\Desktop) and set the view to detail.
Step2: Repeat with Documents and Settings\All Users\Desktop (All Users is the folder that holds the icons that are user-independent).
Step3: If you find, you should be able to delete it.
Step4: Click the "Start" button and choose the "Run" option. Type "regedit" in the "Open" field and click the "OK" button.


Step5: Navigate to find the needed registry key and value. Select the value you want to edit, click the right mouse button on it and choose the "Delete" option. Warning! Make

sure you delete entries associated with!

find the needed registry key

Step6: Close the Registry Editor and reboot a computer for changes to take an effect.

Video Show: How to Delete windows registry key?

Tip: Download: Removal Tool (Tested Malware & Virus Free by Norton!)

Another method to remove is through automatic uninstaller tool, and this is the most recommended way to remove any program from your system. Some people think of the manual process as being unreliable, and it's easy to miss left-over files.

Software uninstaller is the only safe way to delete data from your system registry. Using an uninstaller that is specially designed for the task might be your only way to completely remove corrupted There is a best uninstall tool called Help Uninstaller that can forcibly remove and any data from your computer that windows can't delete.

What Is Help Uninstaller?

Help Uninstaller is a professional uninstall program which designed to help people remove stubborn software or any unnecessary windows programs. Compare with the Windows Add/Remove Programs or the program built-in uninstaller, it will help you to uninstall programs completely and will not leave any leftover components, related folders or registry entries. With its advanced and fast algorithms, Help Uninstaller will display all programs in the program list and analyze the data of application which you want to remove, before the next step of uninstalling. Therefore, it is a very safe to remove any programs with Help Uninstaller. Moreover, Help Uninstaller is super easy to use, no matter you have any computer knowledge or not. With the help of Help Uninstaller, it will return you a health and clean computer.

Why to use Help Uninstaller Pro?

Remove programs easily
Solve uninstall problems
Uninstall stubborn programs
Delete leftover data after regular uninstall
Avoid installation errors
No more update problems
Learn what changes programs make on your computer during their installation
Achive best uninstall results and experience

How can you uninstall with Help Uninstaller?

You can choose a suitable way below:
1. Download Help Uninstaller


2. Run it after installation
3. Find out in the list and click uninstall button


These three steps can completely uninstall a program including its registry entries. If is partly uninstalled or corrupted, you need to force uninstall it by
1. Download Help Uninstaller
2. Exit it after installation


3. Right click the folder of and select Force Uninstall

Video Show: How to Uninstall Program with An Uninstaller Software

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