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This package supports the following driver models:NeoMagic MagicGraph 128/Z/ZV NeoMagic NMX ESS ES488 AudioDrive ESS ES688 AudioDrive ESS ES888 AudioDrive ESS ES1488 AudioDrive ESS ES1688 AudioDrive ESS ES1788 AudioDrive ESS ES1888 AudioDrive ESS ES688 Plug and Play AudioDrive ESS ES888 Plug and Play AudioDrive ESS ES1688 Plug and Play AudioDrive ESS ES1788 Plug and Play AudioDrive ESS ES1868 Control Interface ESS ES1868 Plug and Play AudioDrive ESS ES1878 Control Interface ESS ES1878 Plug and Play AudioDrive ESS ES1888 Plug and Play AudioDrive ESS ES688 AudioDrive DMA Emulation ESS ES1688 AudioDrive DMA Emulation ESS ES1788 AudioDrive DMA Emulation NCR SDMS (TM) Miniport Driver IBM MCA SCSI Host Adapter BusLogic MultiMaster SCSI Host Adapters BusLogic MultiMaster EISA SCSI Host Adapters BusLogic MultiMaster PCI SCSI Host Adapters Bus Toaster - PCMCIA SCSI Host Adapter Bus Toaster - PCMCIA SCSI Host Adapter (Alternate) NCR 53C94 SCSI Host Adapter on Zenith EISA board Always IN-2000 SCSI Host Adapter All Iomega 8-bit PC2x SCSI Host Adapters except PC2F Iomega PC2F 8-bit SCSI Host Adapters NCR C700 MCA SCSI Host Adapter NCR 53C94 MCA SCSI Host Adapter NCR 53C710 MCA SCSI Host Adapter PCI NCR C810 SCSI Host Adapter PCI NCR C820 SCSI Host Adapter PCI NCR C825 SCSI Host Adapter PCI NCR C815 SCSI Host Adapter Adaptec AIC-777X EISA SCSI Host Adapter Adaptec AHA-284X VESA SCSI Host Adapter Adaptec AHA-174X EISA Host Adapter Adaptec AHA-154X/AHA-164X SCSI Host Adapter Adaptec AHA-154X Plug and Play SCSI Host Adapter Adaptec AVA-1502 SCSI Host Adapter Adaptec AVA-1505 SCSI Host Adapter Adaptec AHA-1510 SCSI Host Adapter Adaptec AVA-1515 SCSI Host Adapter Adaptec AHA-152X/AHA-1510 SCSI Host Adapter Adaptec AIC-6X60 Plug and Play SCSI Host Adapter Adaptec AIC-6X60 ISA Single-Chip SCSI Controller Adaptec AIC-7870 PCI SCSI Controller Adaptec AHA-294X/AIC-78XX PCI SCSI Controller SCSI Channel on Adaptec AHA-3940/3940W PCI SCSI Controller SCSI Channel on Adaptec AHA-3980/3985 PCI SCSI Controller Adaptec AHA-2944 PCI SCSI Controller Adaptec AIC-7850 PCI SCSI Controller Adaptec AVA-2930 PCI SCSI Controller Adaptec SlimSCSI 16-Bit PCMCIA SCSI Host Adapter [revised model] Adaptec SlimSCSI 16-Bit PCMCIA SCSI Host Adapter [original model] Adaptec APA-1460 SCSI Host Adapter New Media-manufacturer device list Future Domain TMC-7000EX EISA SCSI Host Adapter Future Domain TMC-1650/1660/1670/1680 SCSI Host Adapter Future Domain TMC-1695 Plug and Play SCSI Host Adapter Future Domain PNP-1630/1640 Plug and Play SCSI controller Future Domain TMC-1790/1795 SCSI Host Adapter Future Domain MCS-600/700 SCSI Host Adapter Early Future Domain PCMCIA SCSI HOST Adapter Future Domain PCMCIA SCSI Host Adapter Future Domain PCI SCSI HOST Adapter Future Domain TMC-850/M/MER/MEX SCSI Host Adapter Future Domain TMC-860/860M/885/885M SCSI Host Adapter Compaq Integrated 32-Bit Fast-SCSI-2 Controller Compaq EISA 32-Bit Fast-SCSI-2 Controller Compaq SCSI Controller DPT PM2012B1 EISA SCSI Host Adapters DPT PM2012B2 EISA SCSI Host Adapters DPT PM2x22A EISA SCSI Host Adapters DPT Spectre chipset SCSI Adapters DPT PM2012B1/9x EISA SCSI Host Adapters DPT PM2012B2/9x EISA SCSI Host Adapters NEC EISA SCSI Host Adapter DPT PM2011B1/9x ISA SCSI Host Adapters DPT PM2124A PCI SCSI Host Adapter UltraStor 14F/14FB/34F/34FA/34FB Driver UltraStor 24F/24FA Driver UltraStor 124F Driver AMD PCI SCSI Controller Trantor Media Vision SCSI Host Controller Trantor T358 Parallel SCSI Host Adapter Trantor T348 Parallel SCSI Host Adapter Trantor T160 SCSI Host Adapter Trantor T460 PCMCIA SCSI Host Adapter PCIC or compatible PCMCIA controller Intel PCIC compatible PCMCIA controller Intel PCI to PCMCIA Bridge MobileMax Deskrunner ISA PCMCIA Controller SCM SwapBox Family PCMCIA controller SCM SwapBox Family Plug and Play PCMCIA controller Cirrus Logic PCIC compatible PCMCIA controller Cirrus Logic PCIC compatible PCI to PCMCIA bridge Databook ISA PCMCIA Controller Databook Plug and Play PCMCIA Controller based on DB86084 Databook Plug and Play PCMCIA Controller based on DB86184 Vadem PCIC compatible PCMCIA controller Vadem PCIC compatible Plug and Play PCMCIA controller Compaq PCMCIA Controller VLSI PCIC Compatible PCMCIA Controller with ELC Extensions PHASIR ACT-IR200L Infrared Wireless Interface ACT-IR220L Infrared Wireless Interface JetEye PC Infrared PC Interface (ESI-9680) TI TravelMate 5000 Laptop AIRport APA-9320 External Infrared Adapter Adaptec AIRport 1000 Built-in Infrared port on laptop or desktop Infrared Serial (COM) Connections Port Infrared Printing (LPT) Port LiteLink PRA9500A Microsoft IrDA Lan Driver DBC SignalCard Rockwell NavCard HP Communications Port HP Printer Port HP Infra-Red Communication Port SMART Serial Port Trimble PCMCIA GPS Adapter (Rev. 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How can you completely uninstall from Windows?

As far as I am concerned there are three ways to achieve this goal.

Method 1: Uninstall with its own uninstaller
You can uninstall by going to the folder you installed it initially and clicking the Uninstall.exe. Or click Start > All Programs > > Uninstall and you can get rid of

that program.


Method 2: Uninstall with standard Add/Remove Programs
1. Click the Start button and then click Control Panel. In Control Panel, select Add/Remove Programs.


2. When the window populates, it will have all programs that are installed on your computer. Highlighted the you wish to uninstall, and click on the Delete button.


3. A new window will pop up asking you "Are you Sure You Want to Delete" Click "Yes."
4. In the new window asks you if you would like to uninstall all related files for this program including saved updates. Click Yes.
5. Wait until the uninstall process complete and then click Close.
6. Restart your computer.

Tip: Download: Removal Tool (Tested Malware & Virus Free by Norton!)

Maybe we haven't known that even we uninstall it, there are still leftovers in our registry. Especially nowadays, the antispyware proagram is larger and larger. It's very difficult to uninstall completely from our computer.

The most effective way to uninstall a security software for good is to use a professional uninstall tool, which will basically install onto your PC and quickly and easily remove software like that windows can't delete once and for all.

Help Uninstaller is professionally produced and is used by millions of people around the World. The following are advantages of Help Uninstaller:
1. It can forcibly remove any unwanted programs which can't be uninstalled using window.
2. It can uninstall corrupted and damaged programs.
3. It can clean all registry entries left over after un-installation.
4. It can display a full list of all the programs installed in your computer as it seems in add/remove program section of window. So you can easily choose which program to uninstall.

Help Uninstaller benefits

Intuitive Layout and Easy to Use

1-click Scan and 1-click Clean make it easy to remove any applications for any computer users. Even "nobody reads manuals", with intuitive layout and user-friendly interface, computer newbie can operate it without any problem.

Powerful Remnants Database and Frequent Update
Help Uninstaller remnants database has been designed to collect installation information of most popular software. With this powerful database Help Uninstaller can quickly and accurately identify remnants of a certain program and easily solve uninstall problems. It keeps adding new data into the database at a rapid pace no less than 2 times a week.

List Remains and Installed Programs in Scan Results
After scanning, Help Uninstaller will list all remnants left behind and all installed programs on your PC respectively under different categories. The different lists help you easily find the program you want to uninstall and prompt you to take actions to get rid of useless remains.

Browse Detailed Information of a Program before Uninstall.
Help Uninstaller is able to show the detailed information for programs listed in the scan results, such as installation folders, leftover files, registry keys, registry entries, install date, publishers, etc.

Safely Uninstall Applications
Based on the scan results, Help Uninstaller will use the most appropriate method to uninstall the applications and guarantee the Windows system stability. It can safely uninstall executive programs, system services, driver file (.sys) and the empty / corrupt registry entries that a certain application left behind.

Free Technical Support Services
We provide totally free technical support services to help users solve their specific uninstall problems. That is, when you are using Help Uninstaller, you are not only having the handy toolkits but also the great services by our professionals. As a paid user, you can always submit the application that can not be uninstalled/completely uninstalled to the support team who will send the complete solution to you via Email.

Support All Windows-based Operating Systems
Windows systems compatible: runs on all the major Windows-based systems, including the latest Windows Vista, Windows 7,Windows 8, Windows XP/2003/2000, and even Windows 98 & Windows ME.

What can Help Uninstaller do for you?

One: First of all, it is able to display information of a certain application installed on your computer. It is helpful to decide whether you should uninstall an application or not, especially when you have no idea about the practical use of the application.

Two: Forcibly uninstall all stubborn applications that cannot be uninstalled from Windows Add/ Remove Programs.

Three: Clean up application files, folders, registry entries and application drivers that the application leaves over. Windows Add/Remove Programs is not able to remove the application completely. They will absolutely left invalid registry entries, related folders and even useless shortcut on your PC

Four: It can remove any unwanted programs from your computer easily than Windows Add/ Remove Programs. There are three type of uninstall function for you to choose. According to the stubborn level, you can select software uninstall, mighty uninstall and special uninstall. Thus, you can select the suitable function to remove programs efficiently.

Five: Back up PC system files whenever you boot PC, so that it is very easy to restore system once PC crashes. Thus, you needn't to worry about the problem of data loss.

Six: After removing the unwanted programs, it will release your PC hard drive space immediately.

Uninstall automatically

The automatic removal method is the most ideal way to uninstall once and for all. It can not only uninstall programs and all the left-over files, but also help to cleanse any remaining files that would still stay on your system.


How to force uninstall
1. Equip your machine with Help Uninstaller.
2. Run Help Uninstaller.


3. Select "Force Uninstall" and locate the folder path in this folder C:\Program Files\


4. Select its folder path and click Next. Help Uninstaller will scan the whole system to find out and delete all related registry entries.


5. Follow the onscreen instructions to finish uninstalling the program completely.

Video Show: How to Uninstall Program with An Uninstaller Software

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