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How to Uninstall Helvetica Font Instantly

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An extension of the Sans - Serif font, the Helvetica Font has gained prominence because of its legibility. It is very easy to read text when this style is chosen. Originally developed in Switzerland, this has now many variations to choose from and some of these include Light, Narrow, Rounded, Compressed, Textbook, etc. What makes it different from the others is the fact that it can be used for multiple purposes. The clarity of the font makes it ideal for personal as well as professional use. Be it projects, presentations or emails, there is nothing more practical than the Helvetica Font. Users can check for free packs of this particular font which can be downloaded onto PCs and laptops. With a few hundred variants to choose from, this free tool can prove to be very handy for all those who are looking for the same. It is a fact that different styles of the aforementioned font are used in separate parts of the world. Therefore, users can select those that are prominent in their region and make the most of this style. Though there are some typefaces which cannot be had for free, most of them which form a part of the free packs come without any cost to the users. Apart from the style, there are several weights of the Helvetica Font. These are thin, medium, bold, heavy and black, to name a few. Users can also opt for different widths as per their requirements. The font can even be used for printing purposes by publishing houses, as most readers find it quite convenient. Therefore, it will cater to a large number of readers across the world. Since it is available for free, anyone can download and install it on his or her system.

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How can you uninstall Helvetica Font from computer?

Hopefully, you can uninstall program through Windows Add/ Remove Programs.

Uninstall Helvetica Font on Windows 7 and Vista
1. Click Start.


2. Select Control Panel.


3. Select Programs.


4. Click Programs and Features.
5. Select the Helvetica Font you want to uninstall by clicking on it, and then click the Uninstall button.


Uninstall Helvetica Font on Windows XP
1. Click Start.

start menu_xp.JPG

2. Select Control Panel.


3. Click the Add/Remove Programs control panel icon.


4. The Add/Remove control panel displays a list of software on your system. Select Helvetica Font that you want to uninstall by clicking on it, and then click the Remove button.


Don't forget to delete the shortcuts and leftover entries with the following steps. This removal is not great enough to thoroughly delete the Helvetica Font. This removal has only

uninstalled the main components of the Helvetica Font without removing all the additional pieces when it's updated.
Step1: Go into Windows Explorer, find the Desktop folder in your profile (not too difficult, in XP its Documents and Settings\yourusername\Desktop) and set the view to detail.
Step2: Repeat with Documents and Settings\All Users\Desktop (All Users is the folder that holds the icons that are user-independent).
Step3: If you find Helvetica Font, you should be able to delete it.
Step4: Click the "Start" button and choose the "Run" option. Type "regedit" in the "Open" field and click the "OK" button.


Step5: Navigate to find the needed registry key and value. Select the value you want to edit, click the right mouse button on it and choose the "Delete" option. Warning! Make

sure you delete entries associated with Helvetica Font!

find the needed registry key

Step6: Close the Registry Editor and reboot a computer for changes to take an effect.

Video Show: How to Delete windows registry key?

Tip: Download: Helvetica Font Removal Tool (Tested Malware & Virus Free by Norton!)

Automatically Uninstall Helvetica Font within Minutes
As you can see, it is not so simple to remove program manually, and sometimes can be complicated. You should consider investing in registry cleaner software to clean program settings. The best complete method to remove Helvetica Font from your PC involves using an uninstaller program that can remove all parts of the program properly automatically and with relative ease to the user. You can download specialist software to uninstall programs that you are having issues with. There is one option that can be downloaded and tested for free called the Help Uninstaller.

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Download and Installation Instructions

To download and install Help Uninstaller, please follow the instructions below.


The file will automatically popup over your PC screen.
When the File Download dialog box appears click the 'Save' button.

When the Save As dialog box appears choose a folder location and save the file to a location on your computer, for example, to your Desktop.
Wait for the file to download; then close all applications including the browser.
Double-click on the saved file icon to start the installation process.

Help Uninstaller Desktop Icon
Follow the descriptions within the installer to complete the installation. For more detailed instructions on this process please click here.
Notice: In case that you could not successfully install Help Uninstaller, please refer the FAQ for the solutions.

How to force uninstall Helvetica Font?
1. Equip your machine with Help Uninstaller.
2. Run Help Uninstaller.


3. Select "Force Uninstall" and locate the folder path in this folder C:\Program Files\ Helvetica Font


4. Select its folder path and click Next. Help Uninstaller will scan the whole system to find out and delete all related registry entries.


5. Follow the onscreen instructions to finish uninstalling the program completely.

Video Show: How to Uninstall Program with An Uninstaller Software

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